the letter to the Girl in my dreams

I can see you when i close my eyes, i can see you when i rub my eyes,
i can see your beautiful smile. while we sit and wait for the…. night time sky seeing the sun shade around your gorgeous face and those beautiful eye’s…. oh so amazing

but darling i haven’t met you yet, i can see that smile and just on that thought you can make me feel so happy i understand that you may not be real and forever stuck in my day dreams but maybe just maybe one day.

You may think im insane but baby i can treat you like my princes for you i would do anything just to see you laugh out loud i would do anything to see you dance with joy dance with that kid like excitement and happiness jumping around giggling, chasing each other in till we are all worn out and we just crash were ever we are and talk for hours about the funny things of life the weird things and the cheeky things haha.

on and on The sun will shine, the light gently touching your skin we will walk our hands in link, But our Eyes are yet to see

every time i close my eye’s its you and i know now that i must meet you even if we stay friends i must meet you, But darling i haven’t met you yet i can see you in my dreams but i am scared that’s where you may stay